Collection: Post Op Wear

Z Shape Wear provides a comprehensive range of specialty post-operative wear designed to cater to your entire after-surgical care from head to toe. Our products are carefully crafted to help you achieve a comfortable and effective recovery process.

We offer a chin and neck compressor strap that helps to reduce swelling and promote healing in the neck and chin area. Our foam shaper is designed to wear underneath your compression garment, providing an additional layer of support and compression.

Our post-op robe is made with ultra-soft, comfortable material and features four internal pockets for drainage bags. This allows you to carry your drainage bags with ease and without the worry of accidentally pulling on them.

For patients who require additional targeted compression, we offer a high waist compression body shaper and a vest with back support and posture correction. Our waist trainer is designed to provide support and compression to the waist area.

At Z Shape Wear, we believe that post-operative care should not only be effective but also comfortable. That's why we strive to provide our customers with top-quality products that are comfortable to wear and provide optimal support during the recovery process.

Shop now for our range of specialty post-op wear and experience a comfortable and effective recovery.